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Welcome to Plowmans Garden Centre

Plowmans Garden Centre is a part of the Home and Garden group and is situated in West Parley in Dorset. We have a wide range of plants, shrubs, garden furniture and much more to inspire all of your gardening needs. Come and visit us today!



Year-round clematis

Clematis win a place in the heart of every gardener for their breathtaking flower displays as they scramble becomingly up fences and over trellises. Most varieties are very well-behaved and just need a little tucking in to their supports every so often and an annual prune to keep them performi…

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Hardening sweet peas

Sweet peas that were sown under cover in January can start to be hardened off now. These are actually very hardy plants, and autumn-sown seedlings can survive the winter outdoors. But newly germinated seedlings, which were started with a little heat in January should now be slowly acclimatised to outdoor conditions. Put the pots of seedlings in a cold frame with the top closed. After a few days open the vents during the day but shut them at night. After a few more days leave the vents open at night as well, and a few days after that remove the lid completely. Cover the plants with bubble wrap if a sharp frost is forecast.

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  • Plowmans Garden Centre
  • 392 Christchurch Road
  • West Parley
  • Ferndown
  • Dorset
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